Ways To Go Braless – You know how great it feels

February 1, 2019

If you’ve ever worn a bra for a prolonged period of time, you know how great it feels to take it off at the end of the day. It’s like setting yourself free. You feel like you can breathe better, your back stops hurting and everything around you just seems more beautiful that evening. But then the morning comes, you put on your bra again, and the vicious circle of torture continues.
Do you occasionally find yourself thinking “hey, maybe I could go braless today?” You probably do, but then you start thinking about how everyone will know and judge you. After all, society dictates that women must wear bras. Only weird hippies don’t wear bras, right?
Wrong. You can totally go braless whenever you want. But if you’re not feeling brave enough to just go cold turkey, here’s a few ways you can start your journey to a beautiful, braless life.

1.Sports bra

I know this sounds like cheating, but trust me, a sports bra is nothing like a real bra. It feels much more comfortable, but it still gives you some support. Don’t wear the ones meant for vigorous exercises though, you don’t need that much support, it’s not like you’re going to be running a marathon. Go for medium to light support, depending on what feels more comfortable.

2.Tank tops and camis

If you’re worried about nipping, try wearing a tank top or a camisol under your clothes. It’ll give you an extra layer, that will make sure you’re covered. Plus, they’re a great solution for itchy tops, since they put a layer of clothing between your skin and the itchy material of your top.

3.Sweaters or sweatshirts

If it’s cold outside you can always wear a sweater or a sweatshirt. These are usually made of a thick material are kind of lose, so you can be sure that no one will be able to tell if you’re wearing a bra or not. You’ll just be super comfy.


Layers are a great way to cover up. If you’re wearing a thin top, throw on a cardigan or a light scarf on top. This way you can strategically cover the bits you don’t want to show. Plus, everyone knows scarves are super cute, so it’s an easy way to accessorize your outfit.


If there’s one thing you might miss about bras – it’s that some of them are very pretty. I mean who doesn’t like lingerie? There’s a reason we spend a lot of money on it. It makes us feel sexy. So if you don’t want to miss out on that feeling, try bralettes. They look just as awesome, but feel way more comfortable.

6. Crop tops

Crop tops are essentially bralettes that you can wear in public. They’re a lifesaver during hot summer months. Thank God the 90’s are back and they brought crop tops with them. Most crop tops aren’t made to be worn with bras either way, so no one will care that you’re not wearing one.

7. Sewn-in Cups

There’s quite a few dresses and tops that come with sewn in cups and you should totally take advantage of that. If you can’t find ones in your size or don’t like the ones you see, you can always google some DIYs and make your own.


Bodysuits are incredibly cool. They give you the support you need, and come in all sorts of shapes and colours. You’ll have a lot to choose from, whether you want a plain black one, a sexy lacy one or perhaps a bright colorful one.

9. Pasties

Pasties are great. You’re basically going braless, but you don’t have to worry about nip slips. They can be worn with any outfit you want. Use them to prevent nipping under a shirt or use them as a cheeky accessory with a see-through top or dress.

10.Stop caring

It really should matter what people think. They’re just breasts and you shouldn’t be ashamed of them. Go braless, wear any kind of top you want, and don’t worry about anyone judging you. After all, half of the population has breasts, and won’t care, and the other half probably won’t mind if you decide to go braless.

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